Friday, November 25, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 11.25.16

Well, Friday is here once again and it is time to dump my phone. Here it is then...

Cordelia sometimes gets jealous off Elise's ability to roll and cross her eyes. Here Cordelia is getting some eye-crossing pro tips.

Lucy dreams about killing all of the birds. Thank goodness she is an indoor cat. She's a beast! Her newest thing is when we leave the coat closet open she will run, climb the coats and jump on the shelf. She will then attack anyone who happens by. Lest you think she is all crazy she is also weirdly BFFs with Cordelia and will be quite docile as Cordelia carries her around. She is a pretty cool cat.

We housesat at my parent's for the holiday. Their dog Bode is not ok at our house (last time he stayed he broke a door an chewed the stairs in a panic) so we just crash at my parent's house when we dog sit. My parent's home is all cozy with cable so we all just laze about and veg out. Here are Eric and the girls snuggling/flailing. 

My parent's dog Bode. He is the quirkiest creature. When you first come into the house he will grab any toy he can find and prance around with it---he doesn't want you to throw it, he just wants to show it. My parents keep dog treats on top of the fridge and when he thinks it is treat time he will sit perfectly still and look upward, not necessarily at the treats, just wherever he happens to be he will look upward. When he wants food or to go outside he will stomp on a metal bowl. If you ignore him he will do this....
He hides behind a blanket and creeps.

I also put this chicken hat on him. He left it on and Betty Sprinkles barked in alarm. 
We made a glorious vegan feast yesterday. 

Elise is four. She wanted me to take a photo of her foot.

Cordelia pretends to sleep for a photo at my parent's house.

Elise in her sleeping bag. After begging to bring the sleeping bag over she had a full meltdown crying, "Sleeping bags are the worst way to sleep!" 

Happy Friday! 

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