Friday, November 4, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 11.4.16

Helllloooooo Friday! 
Last Friday my mom came by and brought me coffee and let me borrow her car as we have been having vehicle troubles and are down to one vehicle and another in need of work. Anyway, she took the edge off with a vanilla soy latte! Elise loooooves her grandma and talks nonstop the entire time she is around. Well, Elise generally talks nonstop.

The girls set up a camp in the middle of the living room.

They are roasting marshmallows over a campfire. The marshmallows are folded toilet paper skewered on pencils and the fire was a painted box.

My new cactus arrived, actually it is an euphorbia. I think it looks like a little guy with his hands up.

Lucy and Betty

Dimples McGee

Halloween Photos.

Cleopatra coming at ya


Trick or treating at the mall, a festival of body odor as there were many post-pubescent people in hot costumes. 

Family game night. Maybe it ended in tears, not mine. 

Drawing together 

 My completed drawing.

Eric is quite the skilled lift driver. Seriously this is a true skill...who knew. Anyway, here he is hanging papel picado at the museum for the Day of the Dead.

Painting for Day of the Dead.

Vegan eats.

Faces painted for Day of the Dead.

Dancers at the event.

Co-event planner Sarah shoving the mic in my face.

Betty Sprinkles likes to sneak up and sleep on Elise's bed.

Sweet sisters.

Lucy in the dollhouse.

Happy Friday!

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Victoria said...

Sooo Love your Pics!! xoxo

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