Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Reading is a big part of my life and I have always wanted that for our girls. I have read to them since they were in the womb. At night before bed we all sit in the living room and read a chapter from a book. We are currently working our way through the Chronicles of Narnia. It is so fun to share books from my childhood with the girls.

After we all read together and the girls go to their rooms we let Cordelia hang out and read solo for about half an hour. I cannot tell you what joy it brings me to see her excited about a book. Seeing her read on her own is such a fantastic experience and knowing that I am the one who taught her to read makes me feel such a great sense of accomplishment. I can tell you that a year and a half ago when we started homeschool I was so daunted by the challenge, but I worried needlessly. Now I am excited to teach Elise to read too. 

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