Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Billion and a Hundred

That is not fog! That is blowing snow.

The winds are being clocked in by Elise at "a billion and a hundred." It is so windy here in Wyoming. Truly insane! We have gusts in the 80mph+ range, which is like hurricane force winds. For those of you non-Wyomingites let me tell you what this is like.

The Bad:
•The girls want to go sledding today and that isn't going to happen. Their sleds would be tiny sails that would blow them over and send them into orbit.
•We are stuck inside today and we all have cabin fever.
•Driving on ice and snow in the wind is madness. There is so much snow blowing that at times it is difficult to see the road.
•Power outages around town, but not in our neighborhood...yet.
•The curtains in the windows and even the toilet water (in the basement) are moving with the wind! I am not sure how the toilet water is moving, but it does...maybe something with the pipes?


The Good:
•I put off shoveling for a day and now the wind has mostly cleared our walkway and just made huge drifts in the yard.
•Pajamas until whenever. I have a studio visit this afternoon, but I can probably get away with studio visit in pajamas (eccentric artist perk). Not really. I will probably get adult clothes on soon. I can't be that person that wears pajamas all day unless I am sick.
•Being trapped indoors means that our entire home has been cleaned and Christmas stuff is already stowed away until next year. 
•All of the broken branches in our trees, including some very large ones, have been blown down...no more need to call an arborist! 
•Avoiding driving places saves money. We only go out and buy stuff if we absolutely must!


1 comment:

affectioknit said...

...this post reminds me of the North Dakota wind howling across the plains...and we always stayed cozily inside too...

~Have a lovely day!

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