Monday, December 19, 2016

A Finger Weaving Good Time

The cold in Wyoming has lessened a bit only to be replaced by gusty winds. The winds are blowing in that way that only Wyomingites can really understand, an ocean of air that slams into houses like waves crashing against the shore.  The snow is swirling about in a manner that is magically beautiful from behind a window, but if you are out in the wind it feels as if the glittery snow is being slammed into each exposed pore. 

Needless to say we are spending our day indoors. This is just an indoor season. The cold has been so aggressive that it is difficult to bear and the wind is...well just never ending. 

Cordelia is currently on a break from homeschool for the holiday. We still have some time in the morning to ourselves while Elise is at preschool. Normally we would take a walk together, but that simply is not an option today. So we were looking for something to do with our time that would be fun and productive. I decided to teach her the ancient art of finger weaving. 

The skill level of finger weaving is pretty easy to master and you see results pretty quickly, yet you can chat and work for hours. Just right for a day like today.


What are you up to?

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