Monday, December 12, 2016

Gingerbread Houses and Floaties

Yesterday afternoon we made gingerbread houses. Now I don't want you to see this picture and think that I am some sort of gingerbread warlock, this was using a store bought package that was accidentally vegan. Of course none of us was interested in following the directions and the decoration of the houses are our own style. 

Yesterday was a perfect day for gingerbreading (new word) with the cold temperatures and our family on the tail end of a long week. While we are all well we are in a sort of quiet laziness that comes in the wake of illness, also enhanced by cold temps. This was the perfect activity for a low energy family to spend an hour or so tackling together.

Elise spent the afternoon (and evening) wearing her floaties, a wig and bandanna, tights and slippers. She asked us to call her Lola Daze....

 Cordelia has a flair for the dramatic! Life is her stage, which makes life endlessly interesting. 

Eric and I quickly realized that icing weilding is a responsibility and not a right. So the girls directed us as we applied icing and they added the candies.

Eric added to the magic by making a vegan marshmallow snowman. He used candy sprinkles, a toothpick and yarn. 

The girls were enchanted by the end result, but mostly they just wanted to stuff their little faces with the leftovers. 

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