Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Yesterday Cordelia had her first ever gymnastics class. She has been asking for some time now and we finally got it together and signed her up. She was so excited leading up to the class. She said,"Mom, I just think is is gonna be my thing."

She is quite a monkey and pretty athletic so Eric and I are excited to see her give this a go. The club we signed her up for is pretty serious, so we shall see where this takes us. 

There was some stretching. She loudly said,"Oh, I don't like stretching." Then she got into it.

There was a lot of this, not the rest of the class, just her.

One thing that I have noticed as a homeschooled kid she feels comfortable asking all of the questions. She has a very inquisitive mind.

When she learned to do this she came down the wall and gave me the biggest smile, running over for a hug and high five.

Then there was this moment. She was sold. 

And Elise is still wanting to do ballet, but I suspect she too will want to do gymnastics in the near future.

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