Thursday, December 29, 2016

Michael Phelps

Last week before Christmas the girls and I were at the store buying dog food. While there we passed by a tank of feeder goldfish. They bummed me out, hard. I said something like,"I wish I could rescue them." There were more fish than water in the tank. 

Anyway, the girls heard me mutter that and felt inspired. When Eric took them out to shop for me for Christmas they were dead set on "rescuing" a fish for me. I am sure there was a little scheming on their part, but they were also being sweet. Now Eric and I have some conflict about the buying of fish or any animal as one fish is replaced by another and the whole thing carries on down the line. We are also bleeding hearts and hate to see an animal suffering and it is very difficult not to intervene when we see a sick animal. So generally we keep ourselves away from those situations. We do end up in this particular store as it is the only place in town that sells vegan dog food. For the record it is super difficult to keep a clear head about ethics in these scenarios. 

Anyway, long story short the girls convinced Eric that I really wanted betta fish. He was confused, but somehow he went along with it and on Christmas morning I was very surprised to find myself with a slightly unwell fish as a present. Eric was bummed when he learned that the girls had played him a bit, but we focused on this one fish and giving him his best fish life. And since he has arrived his color has brightened a great deal and he is pretty perky so I think that is a good sign that his life is improving! 

We were trying to come up with a name for him. I was settling in on Leviathan, but everyone kept saying Leviafin which I didn't like. Then my mom had a stroke of weird and said we should name him Michael Phelps...and we laughed and now our fish is Michael Phelps.

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