Monday, December 5, 2016

Nineteen Years with Eric

I remember what I was wearing on this day 19 years ago. Do you? I was wearing a leopard print shirt beneath a long bright green floral vintage dress, hot pink tights and knee high black boots that were a size too small, but the Delia's catalogue only carried shoes up to size 11 and these were too cute. My hair was in two buns. I had pink eye shadow smeared all around my eyes in a way that probably looked like I had out of control conjunctivitis. I had burgundy lips, the lip color of the 90s. I remember what Eric was wearing too, a vintage Adidas jump suit with Adidas shoes. Basically we were 100% all in with 1997 fashion.

We had been hanging out for months after I ended up sitting next to him in art class. He was at my house for breakfast in the morning and there after school, for dinner and until my parents sent him home at 9 or 10. We were not a couple, but we were already best friends. Then it happened. Our first kiss at a party. A month later we decided to have an official first date, but by then we already knew that we would someday marry. We just worked, right from the start. 

For the past nineteen (!!!!) years we have been inseparable. Best friends on the same path. I cannot tell you what a gift it has been to share my life with Eric. I treasure our past, present and future.


elizabeth said...

you two!!! 19 years! that is so wonderful! and i wish you so very many more joy-filled years together!

affectioknit said... sweet...I loved the old photos...adorable!

~Have a lovely day!

Helen Davis said...

God bless you both!

Jennifer Rebecca said...

Congratulations celebrating 19 years together. So happy for you both, and for the wonderful family you have made together.

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