Friday, December 2, 2016

Phone Photo Friday: 12.2.16

Happy Friday! Time for the phone purge. This is the first purge for my new phone. Last Thursday we took advantage of a Black Friday deals and got new phones. Eric's phone had been crashing (like 10-30 times a day) for many months and mine was starting to as well. Anyway, we did a long stand in line thing and got good deals on new phones. Soooo let's review the week already.

We went Christmas dress shopping with their grandma, aka my mother, last weekend. The best part was watching them twirl and feel fancy in the dresses.

This 'lil cutie.

Went out for a drink at a Turkish trunk show, because when you think Turkey you think Wyoming. No, actually we have some good friends from Turkey and they have a small business here. A few times a year they bring gorgeous Turkish rugs and bags and jewelry. The first event was held at a local distillery, it was a great time.

One more time. I love this photo. 

Butternut squash soup. Skittle-dee doo.

Sisters. I have children with an intensity level that exceeds my own and if you know me then you will feel for my husband, because there is a great deal of intensity in this house. Intensity.....ahhhhh!!!! Mosty this is a good thing, but if you are not used to it I imagine it is pretty exhausting. Never stop never stopping.

Here is Eric helping me to tape up a drawing so I can get a photo as we have pretty awful lighting in our house for night photos.

And here is the drawing.

The hellion rests before continuing her assault on Christmas.

Ha ha! Bumblebee's tongue. 

 It was snowing outside. Elise chose this number and a banana "phone."

I finally found a non-wool beret. Zzzzziiiing! 

Daily drawing.

We had friends over for dinner on Wednesday. I made pan seared tofu, lightly charred zucchini, steamed kale, brown rice and a zippy peanut sauce.

Beret all the waaay! 

And sketching this morning before the sun rises.

Happy Friday from my germ filled home to yours. That is my way of telling you that everyone is some degree of unwell, but nothing serious.

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