Friday, December 30, 2016

Phone Photo Friday

Friday! That is the day. Last Friday of 2016.  Let us review the evidence of the week that was.

Here is a photo of me working on a drawing in my pajamas.

Christmas Eve photos of those sisters.

Christmas morning gift opening. This gift is from Donna, whom the girls first met as a cashier at a local store. She has become a dear friend in the years that have followed.

Cordelia attacking my dad.

Christmas toys and play.

Elise face planted into a chair and is sporting a huge bruise. Currently it is in the yellowish green phase.

Drawing of the statue of David.

 One more time, the weather here has been crazy!

I spotted this "toy." 

After the bath. 

Cordelia being charming at the dentist. She is just so sweet and funny.

Elise in a box. Cats and kids and boxes. A tale as old as time.

Studio cats. Behind that big cart is a small door into a storage space. Lucy spotted the storage space when we were putting away Christmas decorations. She has been trying to get into the space ever since. She is a schemer. All schemes all the time. Momo is just sweet.

 Burrito! When the weather is cold it is a brrrr-ito. *You are welcome for that.

Currently. All animals are trying to get into the sunlight. Morning rituals.

Happy Friday!

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