Friday, December 23, 2016

Phone Photo Friday:12.23.16

Well, Friday again! We had some weather this week! Last weekend the temps were frigidly cold with windchills reaching -45F. Once it warmed a bit we were assaulted by winds reaching nearly 90mph (semis were overturned and trees uprooted).

Momo snuggled in to protect herself from the cold.

The girls had a Christmas play. Cordelia even had lines. She was the innkeeper.

Deliver those lines girl!

Elise was an angel. No lines, just cuteness and singing.


Family game night. We are getting to an age where we can all play games and hopefully nobody will cry when they don't win.

 Trouble bubble is tough for Elise so she has assisted popping (I accidentally wrote pooping there first, ha).

Old lady Bumbles. She is my dog BFF

Eric and me after a work party.

Betty Spinkles ever on the hunt for comfort and coziness. 

Came home from teaching last night and the girls were playing "Homesteaders" they were gentile young cafe/barn workers from Horseville.

Have a great weekend!

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Susan Struck said...

Those girls..... So special.

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