Thursday, December 8, 2016

Puke-fest 2016

Oh man! Last night at 2:45 I am wakened to the sounds of Elise puking. Clean up (a huge undertaking) back to bed. 3:49 Elise pukes again, clean up and back to bed. 4:50 Cordelia wakes up and is afraid that a ghost is playing her bass drum/sees a "weird light"/needs to go to the bathroom/ etc. Less than an hour later more puke from Elise.  Laundry and dishwasher are done with some sanitizing. 


We are now all hanging out on a very covered couch with a puke bucket at the ready. She is pretty much at the dry heave stage. Cordelia, who is now immune, is being helpful and Eric has been forced to the sidelines as he has to give a huge lecture today and nobody wants that to go bad! The whole town seems to be catching this nasty bug. Thankfully it is short lived.

See you on the other side.

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