Wednesday, January 11, 2017



Bumblebee is old. I know many of you long time readers feel an attachment to this sweet girl and so I thought this would be a place to share a bit. Over the weekend Bumblebee started acting weird. She started stumbling and having difficulty navigating.

We took our sweet old gal into the vet to address that issue, a tumor, her arthritis and check her now mostly blind left eye. The vet did a battery of tests and her organs are all functioning great for a dog of her age. However, there is something wrong in her brain. The vet believes that there are three possibilities that would explain her behavior:
1) She had a small stroke and will either improve in the next couple of weeks or stay this way permanently.
2) She has a brain tumor that is growing. The outcome for that is that we continue on as long as she seems like she is happy.
3) She has an aneurism which is pressing on her brain and will eventually rupture.

None of those are great situations and there really are not any treatment options as she is in no condition for surgery or chemo. We are aware that our days are numbered, but they always were numbered from day one. For her part Bumblebee is as happy and sweet as ever. She seems content and is still scheming on ways to sneak human and cat food. So we are just enjoying our time with her, making her her final weeks or months as comfortable as possible. 

This is just the final chapter in a joyful story. 


Susan Struck said...

That made me cry. She really is a good dog.

Jennifer Rebecca said...

Hugs to sweet Bumblebee>

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