Tuesday, January 24, 2017



•I used to collect troll dolls from Wade's Drive-in in Harlowton, MT. I had troll dolls in fatigues and troll dolls in scrubs and a whole variety of troll dolls. Oddly I never really played with or even liked them...

•I tried to let a friend live in the coal chamber in our basement. She said that she had a bad home environment and wanted to run away. My solution was to put her up in the basement of the parsonage which had a terrifying coal chamber that was  so so frightening. To offset the inherent terror I put a ton of stuffed animals down there. Don't worry, she didn't last a night or even half of the afternoon. Also, her home situation was actually not bad...

•I really wanted to be named any name that ended with the letter y, Tiffany, Amy, Stacy, Lacey, Tawny...or Bethany.

•I can and do drink straight white vinegar.

•In sixth grade a boy in my class sucked a candy cane into a point and declared it to be a perfect weapon. He then made a stabby motion and talked a lot about blood. I had a clear mental picture of that and have since had an aversion to that treat. I am pretty sure he is a stay at home dad now.

•Along with some friends I attacked my fun loving sixth grade teacher with a squirt gun outside of his home. He got really upset, which was a surprise as he was a fun guy. Turns out his identical twin brother was visiting. To him he was just attacked by awkward pre-teens. Awkward. Awkward. So very awkward.

•Same boy that want to stab with candy canes bragged to me about stealing hood ornaments from cars. I told on him. A short time later the hood ornament from my parents' car disappeared. 

Your turn!

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