Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Shuffle


I cleaned nothing all weekend. I did two loads of laundry, but I didn't put them away. I did a couple of loads in the dishwasher, but that was it! Saturday and Sunday were just so full that there was no time for the business of a home. Saturday I judged a poetry competition for high school, high schoolers are painfully insecure and vulnerable. I had to deliver a drawing for a faculty show. I had a private drawing lesson and I had to complete work and prep for a presentation on a large painting commission.  It was a nutty weekend for sure and I just didn't have a moment to worry about folding laundry or cleaning.

The result is a pretty solid mess in the house. Mostly it is just like some giant pulled back the roof of our home and sprinkled a thousand ponies and Barbies and Disney princesses throughout the house, and then exploded the dress up dresser. Then add in my art supplies which are scattered around. Eric is pretty tidy so he left no mess.

Anyway, today it became clear that we are at a critical point. So I dropped Eric and Elise off at work and preschool. Cordelia and I took the car in for a much needed oil change. She is now taking a math test while I blog and fire up the washing machine.

What are your Mondays like?

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