Friday, January 13, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 1. 13.15

Hello! Friday! This has been quite a week and I am eager for a little respite.

Last Friday our adopted family member Laura visited from Colorado. The girls lost their minds, they sure miss her.

We live in a part of the world where turkeys hang out on people's front entryway.

And where deer forage in yards.

Last weekend after the the girls were asleep. Drawing, chocolate, talking with Eric, and a small glass of good wine. Perfection.

Cordelia asked me to send our friend Gabby a picture of her in the Turkish pants that Gabby brought for her from Istanbul on her last visit.

Then Elise wanted me to send her a photo too.

I am painting this piano for a community project. Eventually it will end up in a museum, but for now it is in our studio. We actually have a piano of our own in NM with Eric's parents, but it would cost more than the piano is worth to get it here...

Eric and Momo. She gets in these moods and needs to be held like this.

They asked me to take this photo. I honestly have no idea what they thought was going on.

 Vegan pizza with all of the veggies.

This girl. 

Cordy at the dentist. That was a crazy day with homeschool, Bumblebee at the vet, preschool, baking a half birthday cake, work, errands, picking up Eric from work (have I mentioned that we are down to one vehicle since our car finally died).

Half birthday!

 Drawing of Bowie.


Eric and Cordelia reading.

Cordelia, Fluff, me.

Daily drawing.

Cordelia working on finger weaving after breakfast.
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