Friday, January 27, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 1.27.17

Well hello and welcome to another phone photo Friday.

My mom had the day off last week and paid us a little visit. Elise the snuggle queen had her pinned down pretty quickly.

When Cordelia heard that there were photos being taken she magically appeared.

My brother Ben sends the weirdest gifts....this tie he claimed was for the next formal rave that Eric attends. There is a blinking feature or simply a light up tie.

Morning sketches.

Completed at night.

Here we are showing our girls that kindness is always the best choice. 

And here is this...

Cat in a box.

 She cracks herself up.

My mother took the girls to a movie and Eric and I got to see one. We were very excited.

Vegan eats.

Ballet girl. She loves to dance.

These two. 

Drawing and homeschool

This ice means biz-mess.

Sick girl fell asleep in my arms. She never does that anymore so I soaked up the moment.

Sick, but...

not too sick to play dress up and trash the house. Lookat  those eyes though, she was still not herself.

Vegan eats.

Happy Friday! 

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