Friday, January 6, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 1.6.17

Hello! It is the first Friday in 2017. It is so cold in Wyoming, deep in the winter freeze.

Last Friday we hit up Jump Craze with the girls.


Wonder Woman hitchin' a ride.

Why was this made? 

My dad reading to the girls. He is such a good grandpa.

We did not intend to let the kids watch the ball drop, mostly because we planned to be asleep. Elise was sound asleep at 7:30, but Cordelia woke with a bloody nose and it took long enough to stop that she got to ring in the new year.

Family sledding.

Look at those 'lil cuties.

Colder than you know.

Vegan food. 

Heart pickle.

On Monday I bathed and when I came out of the bathroom the girls had made a party to thank me for all that I do. How sweet and thoughtful. They layered blankets on the couch, had ice cream, games, and snuggles. Made my week. 

With my gals.

Elise danced for me. It was sort of modern in flavor.

Yoga. They looove Cosmic Kids yoga.

 Vegan eats.

Homeschool help. No cats on the table!

Lucy in the laundry basket.

 Cordelia was learning about taxonomy this week. We set up a shoe taxonomy chart.

It was a weirdly satisfying exercise for this tiny organizer who lives list making.

Just this.

This morning they cuddled on the couch to watch New My Little Pony episodes. How sweet are they?!

Happy Friday!

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