Monday, January 9, 2017

Star of the Week

Elise is Star of the Week at her preschool. This is a huuuuge deal in her world. She gets to bring her toys or books to show all week. She gets to be line leader in the class and she gets to share her All About Me poster. She has worked so hard on her poster. She and Cordelia had many conversations about which items to bring to class and Elise has given a great deal of thought to her clothing choices for the week.


She decided to wear her dress from China, a gift from her godmother who lives on the other side of the world.


 Three super cool facts she chose to share about herself:
2) Good snuggler
3) Good at playing

Her favorite things
Color: Pink
Animal: cat
Food: cake
Book: Narnia 
Sport: ballet
Thing to do in school: crafts
Thing to do at home: play


affectioknit said...

So Sweet!

~Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

I love that special little star so much!

Grandma Sue

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