Tuesday, January 10, 2017


So winter in Wyoming can be intense. This week has actually been quite warm, relatively speaking anyway. Of course it is windy, always. We often have people ask us how or why we live here...and some days it is difficult to explain the why. I mean some days the wind knocks over our children and blasts ice particles into our pores...and our very souls. 

When winter first starts in August, just kidding September. I settle in for coziness and that lasts about two weeks. Then I want to garden and my heart yearns for a hammock. My dream version of my life includes sun dappled mornings, walking barefoot on green grass---not something that will happen here for many months.

Many Wyomingites take pride in their survival skills. Much the same way that Phoenix people (Phoenicians? Phoenixians? Phoenixites?) are proud of their ability to not die in 120F summers. Anyway, I take little pride in my ability to live in this environment. Honestly when the power goes out I realize how poorly equipped we are to survive here. 

I do have some skills for mental survival though and that is what I am going to share with you today:

1) When you are falling asleep in the midst of a wind storm imagine that you are on a beach and the wind is actually the sound of waves crashing.

2) I turn my home into a tropical plant paradise. I have so many plants in our home. So many. Each room has green growing things and that makes my heart feel ok when I look out my window at the barren and cold beauty of winter in Wyoming.

3) Speaking of plants, I start garden planning right around this time. I look at seed catalogues, gardening books and magazines from the library pile up around my house. I go crazy in Pinterest.
Look at this beauty! I gotta try this! 

4) Our family does all of the indoor activities. Children's museums, Jump Craze, library stuff, play dates, classes, crafts, just anything! 

5) I make sure to exercise. I get 10,000 daily steps. I do yoga five days a week. I try to keep my body moving which can be a bit of a challenge with so much indoor time.

6) Read. A lot! Or just do something fun. We make art and craft and play games to keep ourselves happy and entertained.

7) Go outside when possible. When the wind isn't too intense and the cold is bearable we go outside to play.

So that is how we do it here in Wyoming.

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Susan Struck said...

Funny, I turn the wind sounds into ocean waves sound in my mind as well!

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