Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good Father

I am very very fortunate to have a good father. Growing up I didn't realize how special it is to have a loving and present father, but somewhere around my teen years I started to notice my friends did not have the same situation. My friends had fathers who were absent, incarcerated, abusive, alcoholic or just kinda checked out. I had a dad who was around. He asked me about my day, every day. He is a great father and now an amazing grandfather.

I am so thankful that my daughters are having the same experience. Their dad spent this morning helping them on drums and piano and then snuggled with Elise and played toys and helped Cordelia with math. This isn't a special day. He is a good dad and right now the girls are not aware that this is unique, but someday they will know what a gift they have been given.

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