Monday, February 13, 2017


Cordelia and I are deep into second grade. What a strange experience it is for me to go through elementary education a second time (and soon a third time with Elise). Most of the stuff we cover is very farmiliar, but I have noticed great changes in the way that history and math are presented. 

Math is so much more about working a concept from different angles. I love how we revisit an idea from different vantages, solving the same problem in different ways. I think that sort of practical approach will pay off in the future. It is also great for building on successes of the past. New ideas are introduced gently instead of all at once. I remember my teachers introducing a new math in a way that was so intimidating that I felt panic if I didn't immediately understand. With the way we are going now Cordelia is easing from addition and subtraction into more advanced maths in a seamless manner.


Most of all I am happy with her history class! We are learning about the history of the world and not just European history. She has learned about different cultures and is drawing her own conclusions about commonalities between humans. 


I love listening to her insights and seeing the world through her eyes.

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