Wednesday, February 15, 2017

OK to Say No

She refilled her pitcher, and in doing so, she was able to refresh everyone around her.


I am sure I have mentioned here before the saying, "Say yes and figure it out later." Well I think it is time to revise that saying. Let me tell you a tale from the other side...

I have been saying "Yes" to all opportunities or perceived opportunities. I really really want to make it as an artist (don't even ask me to define what "make it as an artist" means today) and to provide for my family. This has been a really exciting time in my career, but I am finding that there are times to say yes and there are times when it is appropriate to draw a line.

I am a bit naive and sometimes assume that others wouldn't take professional advantage of me. I have learned, after a couple of knocks, that I need to draw some lines for my own protection and mental health. I recently agreed to a project that ballooned to a scale that had me feeling a great deal of stress and anxiety. After talking with my husband and another artist I realized that if I don't set my boundaries then nobody will. I am no use to anyone when I am filled with stress and anxiety. 

So I said "No." This is big for me as I hate to let people down, but it was necessary. I had to take care of myself so that I could take care of others.

Then I took a long bath and refilled my pitcher. I am ready to say yes to projects, but it is ok to let some go.


Sarah Purdy said...

Good job, friend. I'm proud of you.

Victoria said...

Amen sister

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