Friday, February 17, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 2.17.17

What a week you guys! I am sooooooooooo ready for this weekend! While this week was crazy it was mostly great, but I ready for some down time and a three day weekend.

Let's review the week that was...

This little cutie! Her slightly bluish smile is courtesy of the sucker she had previously. The week of Valentine's Day is only slightly less candy filled than Halloween. 
***Also, side rant here...sugar doesn't make kids hyper beyond the fact that they are excited to eat sugar. Sugar is not like caffeine and I feel a soul twinge each time a person tells me that sugar makes kids hyper. ***

 Family game of Memory. Cordelia takes it very seriously and has a great memory. Elise just cheers and dances for everyone.

Green chili enchiladas. New Mexico, send green chilies stat....this is an emergency!

Betty Sprinkles in a dragon bolo tie.

Reading a book. She asked me to take a photo so she could remember what fun we were having.

Cordelia at her homeschool Valentine's Day skate party. She went with her dad and had a magical time.

Cordelia's Valentine for Elise! Ahhh!!!! It is so sweet that I almost cried when I read it. Don't worry I have put it into a safe place.

 These sisters are such good friends. Seriously I am deeply thankful that they love each other so much, this friendship they have is a gift of a lifetime.

Lucy and Momo like to attack each other...stealth move.

Anyway....happy Friday! Weeeee

1 comment:

Susan said...

Great photos!

Regarding the sugar/hyperactivity myth, you are so right. It really isn't a stimulant.

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