Friday, February 3, 2017

Phone Photo Friday:2.3.17

Heeey! It is that time of the week again. What time? Phone dump tyyyyme!

Elise has been really interested in dressing herself. The results are very unique. She feels lovely and confident in her choices.

She is really into photo bombing and seems to think it is super funny every single time.

Gymnastics girl. 

Vegan eats: brown rice, kale, tofu and peanut sauce.

Crazy hat day at school. I asked her to stand for a photo and she said that it was embarrassing. To be clear it was my photo taking that was embarrassing, not the hat.

Thomas Gobbler the local turkey who regularly stops traffic. Eric recently saw him stop an ambulance. Hard to tell from this photo, but he is huge.

 Our sun bathers.

Elise and my dad at his office.

Most afternoons they do this to the living room.

These three.

 Cordelia working on some finger weaving while Elise has her ballet class. Cordelia has made and distributed many scarves this week.

Vegan eats.

 Self portrait.

Happy Friday!

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