Saturday, February 11, 2017

Spring Cleaning

OK maybe it isn't spring yet. Perhaps I should call this the winter coops. We are feeling cooped up in our home and it is time to clear out. I feel like stuff just accumulates over the winter...or perhaps I am just trapped inside and forced to look at all the stuff we have and don't need. 


Eric and I are starting in on the reduction and clean up season. Bags are being packed of clothes that are no longer worn and toys outgrown. It is a tedious process, but man does it feel good to lighten the load! 

In addition we are on a month long spending freeze. We do this from time to time to just kinda keep ourselves in check. For a month we will only buy necessities: food, toiletries, gas for the car, etc. We are not big spenders, but this is always a great reminder that even the stuff we do buy we often don't truly need.

Are you feeling the winter coops?

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