Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This morning

We went to the bridge this morning as I needed a photo for a project. Cordelia was happy until she put her feet on the bridge.
"What will happen if we fall in?"

I smiled. She is my girl, for better or worse I made her into a worrier like her mother. I grabbed her hand.

"Well, we'd freeze, but we aren't going to fall in."

Then I made her cross the bridge with me.

She was worried and stuck close to my side, but she did it, by the end she was more interested in looking at the cold lazy river. 

When I leaned over to take a picture she held my hand and said,"It is time to go."

Oh how I know that feeling of worry. I feel bad that is seems to be genetic, but she is pushing me to push her and hopefully we can both loosen the grips of worry.

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