Monday, March 6, 2017

Girl Day

On Saturday the girls and I were flying solo so we declared Girl Day. My mom decided to join us as we hit up the flea market. The girls were so charming that a vendor gave them free glass hearts in velvet bags. Free stuff for cute kids. 

Then we went out to lunch. My father joined us as we all chowed down.

The trick to getting an authentic smile from my dad is to tell him to smile, wait as he makes a weird face and then snap a photo as he laughs at himself. Works every time.

Here is an awesome blurry movie photo. We went and saw the Batman Lego Movie. If you want to know how the movie was at one point I looked down the aisle and saw that every other adult was asleep. A total of four sleeping adults. Although one adult woman in the theater laughed extra hard at every joke. So maybe it is not for everyone, but those who like it really like it.

After the movie.

My mom and Cordelia

My parents went home and I took the girls to ride these weird motorized stuffed animals at the mall. It is a total money pit, but they had a great time and this was a one time only deal.

Elise drove into one person and Cordelia drove into a sign and a storefront, but there were no injuries. I just laughed at them. 

We went home and snuggled and read and played. It was a good day.

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Susan said...

It was a fun time! It could have also been a good nap if I hadn't fought it so hard.

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