Tuesday, March 14, 2017


You know it occurred to me that I never gave Momo a proper intro here on the blog. Today is her one year adoptiversary! So I think it is about time I give you a solid introduction...


Meet Momo Nara. When we first met her at the shelter her former owner had relinquished her because Momo's medical bills were too high. When I asked to hold her the worker dude said she was too dangerous. Thankfully I have eyes in my head and I could see that she was quite docile. When he left the girls and I pet her through the cage as she purred and rubbed against the bars. She looked healthy and I know enough to understand that she was probably just dumped there, but I did look at her intake paperwork and there was no illness named. 

We brought her home and quarantined her until after her first vet visit to ensure that if she was ill she wouldn't spread illness. She had the vet visit and beyond having mild allergies she is fine. Over this past year she and Lucy have developed a playful friendship, though she has a sweet and gentle disposition and Lucy is more rough and tumble, (probably because her BFF is a basset hound). Anyway, they will often spend afternoons lounging near each other or nights at play. Ophelia ignores her to the best of her ability.

Momo is comfortable around our often wild house full of kids and animals and artists. Most mornings she likes to lay next to me as I draw and enjoy a cup of coffee. She likes to ride on my shoulder or just be held. At night she curls up next to my feet. Seriously I have always liked cats, but they have always held my earnestness in disdain. Momo has chosen me and now I get it, I get the cat people! 

Of course Momo is also quirky. She loves to hang out in the bathroom, just lounging. She has mild allergies which means she blows snot rockets from time to time...and it frightens her. She looooooves vegan cheese, Daiya brand, with a passion. If I ever have a slice she will come running and paw at me for a bite.  

Anyway, we are happy to have her in our family! Happy adoptiversary Momo!

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