Friday, March 17, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 3.17.17

Hello!! Friday phone dump time.

Working on turning the sketch paintings I made last year into larger paintings for a museum show later this year.

Eric made it home after more than a week away spent helping family in NM. While we were happy to share him with family we reeeeaaally missed him. This is the human and animal rush he walked into as he came through the front door.

The day he returned the weather shifted so we had to get out to the park.

Daily drawing. O'Keeffe

Then this happened and Elise was stricken.

Much of the week has been dedicated to caring for a sick little. She is on antibiotics and is already feeling much better.

Daily drawing. Monet.

More hummus in my hunt for the perfect recipe.
This wasn't a good enough recipe to share.

With the warmer weather, and there will still be more snow, everything is waking up!

Evening walk. Immediately after taking this photo Cordelia fell and then asked why I let her fall...

Daily drawing. Chagall.

Vegan eats.

Sisters by the shore.

Cordelia at homeschool art class.



First worms of the season.

Sweet girl on the mend.

Daily drawing.

Happy Friday!

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Roxanne said...

I like the last daily drawing (the black and white with the stripes)

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