Friday, March 31, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 3.31.17

Heeey! It is snowing in Wyoming and nobody is cool with it. I want to be in my garden today, but instead I am indoors. Boo! The bright side is that it is bringing moisture and my garden will appreciate the drink.  I can look forward to tulips in the snow which is he most beautiful! dump.

Sisters. They are total nuts. Elise says that we are a family of Weirdos, but her "r" is a bit elusive so it sounds like, "Way-dohs." She can say "r," but has to growl like a pirate to do so. So here are our way-doh sisters.

Just doing this. I am sharing because I want this to be on the internet for my great-grandchildren to see.

Daily drawing

Cautious rider.

Working on a painting for a show.

We had a picnic. It was cold, but they refused coats. We are at the local giant sun dial and then after about five minutes they got cold and we finished lunch in the car.

Banana bread. I make really good banana bread if I do say so m'self.

Elise and I took an evening walk together while Eric and Cordelia were working on something. I let her lead, it was such a treat!

Eric lighting candles in a half birthday cake.

Seven and a half! I cannot believe it!

Daily drawing.

 Bumblebee is doing great! She seems to feel good and has been trying to run and play. We are all baffled by her energy. I think it is probably due to the pain meds which are helping with arthritis too.

Vegan food.

Happy Friday!

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