Friday, March 10, 2017

Phone Photo Friday:3.10.17

Well howdy! It is Friday. What a week it has been! I am not even sure I remembered to take many photos, so let's find out shall we?

Last Friday there was a homeschool class at the Historic Trails Center. We met up with some homeschool friends and had a nice two hour tour.

Drawing from this week. Remember if you are ever interested in a drawing I do sell! I also do portrait commissions so please send me a message if you are interested. Check my website

Saturday we spent some time with my parents and made sure the girls had a fantastic day.

I love my crew. We missed Eric for the fun day, he was traveling, but we still had a good time!

Daily drawing 

Me n my ladies.

Cordelia and I had a car picnic in the midst of a snowstorm. Long story that involved not wanting to drive any more than we had to on icy roads. 

Cordelia buried Elise under stuffed animals. 

Sisters at play.


Daily drawing

Visiting my dad at his work. The girls get suckers and a ride in the office chair.

This cutie pie at preschool.

Cordelia and I went in to Elise's preschool to read to her class. 

Reading to a class-o-cuties!

Daily drawing.

Another day, another chair ride.

Daily drawing

Well look at that, I did take some photos! Have a great weekend!

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