Monday, March 20, 2017


Cordelia has lost another tooth. On Saturday morning she was wrestling with her uncle when she knocked it loose...well it had been loose for ages. She has a very passive approach to tooth pulling. Eric took her up to the bathroom as her tooth was bleeding a bit, it was just barely hanging on, but both she and Eric were squeemish about making the final pull.

*Side note: I have discovered some people are very sensitive to the topic of tooth pulling and tooth loss. 

I am totally indifferent to tooth pulling, but I also want Cordelia to be an independent lass. Normally I would just make her do it, but this was kinda weird and was folded back. I grabbed a tissue to kind of assess and I just gently pulled it out. So now Cordelia is missing a front tooth and has a slight speech impediment, it is sooo cute! The second top front tooth is also very loose.


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