Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Birthday Request


Hi! It is my birthday! If you are wondering what to get me I have some ideas:

-Go vegan for a meal, a day, week, month or forever. It would mean the world to me.
-Walk some dogs or pet cats at your local shelter.
-Adopt or sponsor the adoption of an animal at your local shelter. 
-Give a stranger a compliment.
- Smell some flowers.
-Take a walk and really enjoy it.
- Sponsor an animal rescue! 
-Look at some art.
-Be kind to yourself. Don't say or think mean things about yourself. 
-Have a happy day.



affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

Geertrude said...

Happy birthday! I'll try to get you some of your wishes ;-)
Compliment to a stranger: your blog is one of the very few I keep coming back to after, and even during, periods of being fed up with most of the internet. Little happy things are big, really. Thank you for sharing your life all these years.

Maria Rose said...

Thank you!

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