Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Birthday Review

Yesterday was a great day! Nothing major happened, but it didn't need to be a day of big things. Yesterday was a perfect day of little things.

I woke up and opened some thoughtful gifts and enjoyed breakfast with the family. Then we went about the normal routine of preschool, work drop off, homeschool, etc. For lunch I met with my parents and the fam for lunch and more gifts.

I returned home and was gifted with so many messages and emails and Facebook posts. I talked with both of my brothers and was just feeling so very loved. I was sitting at the table thinking about how thankful I am to know such kindness and support and how I just wish everyone could feel such love when the doorbell rang. A flower delivery woman was there with flowers from a dear friend. I may or may not have cried. 


Later my mom took the girls to prep a cake while Eric took me out for dinner and a walk.

Vegan pizza!!! 

Check out my hand earrings!

And here is the cake my mother made and the girls decorated! 

I went to bed last night feeling truly overwhelmed by the kindnesses extended to me or on my behalf. Several people told me that they had eaten vegan or given a stranger a compliment! Animals were sponsored. Honestly I am just so deeply moved by the goodness, by your goodness! I am inspired and want to work to live up to all of you. Thank you.

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