Saturday, April 29, 2017



Sometimes when I burp I just burp-speak the words,"Excuse me." Even after nearly 20 years together Eric is still mildly appalled. 

Sometimes I will just grab a few things, like maybe small oranges or some apples, and try to juggle them...just in case I somehow gained the ability to juggle without even noticing. So far this has not proven fruitful (puns)! 

My all time favorite snack is cold leftover spaghetti noodles pre-mixed with sauce.

Our old lady cat Ophelia has dementia and often meows in the middle of the night. I recently imagined a lunatic man had secretly moved into our crawl space and was making cat meows from our basement and now it terrifies me when she meows. Incidentally, I have no idea why I am allowed to be an adult.

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I straight up refuse to eat pickle, cucumber, or banana tips! Baaarf factory!

Speaking of barf factories, after my recent foray into the world of food poisoning I know have a list of new foods I cannot eat: vegan mac and cheese, falafel, and dolmas. You're welcome.

In high school I once wore vintage roller skates, fairy wings, and a retro ball gown to go movie shopping at Hastings. I was asked to leave after a few laps.

Speaking of high school. I once convinced the school to let a friend and I take the whole day off from classes. We would spend a class period setting up a scene in a giant display case (like 7ftx12ft and two feet wide). When the bell rang we would freeze within the scenes we created as students passed. 

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Jennifer Rebecca said...

I too refuse to eat the tips of foods; pickled pepperoncinis are on my list as well. Also my cat Frankie, who lived to the age of 19, got pretty squirrely in the middle of the night- he would meow and it sounded just like he would say Mamma over and over(we of course recorded it).

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