Friday, April 14, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 4.14.17

What a week it has been! Spring is here in full force and we are soaking it up!

The girls have been playing in the yard as I work my way through winter clean-ups.

Morning drawing with Momo.


Vegan eats.

Eric and Momo.

Elise and me in a movie theater. We watched Beauty and the Beast. 

 Some with hands that I drew.

Message from Cordelia's homeschool art teacher! 

Sun and baby leaves.

Fox drawing.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Since he is a pastor and it was Maundy Thursday he had a full day of work. So, we all met up at his office and had lunch there. We like weird birthdays.


Just another afternoon outside.

Hammock is out!

Daily drawing!

Dyeing "eggs" which are not real eggs. It is weird.

 Evening walk with my babes.

Happy Friday to you!

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