Saturday, May 20, 2017

Atomic Betty Sprinkles vs. Eric

Betty Sprinkles loves to be super cozy. She is also pretty weird. If you ask me what it is about her that is weird it is kinda difficult to define. She's sweet, she's loyal, she likes to be comfy, she's weird. Betty doesn't really engage in normal dog behaviors. Sometimes when I take her for a walk she will abruptly stop walking, lay down, and refuse to walk anymore. When she stays at my parents' house she will sometimes just sit in their yard and stare blankly at them when they call her to come in. She mostly just follows me around the house and happily lays near me as I work on one thing or another. Sometimes she will decide to be scared and do a low gruffly bark at people with whom she has no problem. When I write this it sounds like dominance issues, but she is also weirdly submissive and will roll if you even give her the stink eye. She is on the bottom of the heirarchy, even after the cats who will often steal her spot.

We love her in spite of her strangeness. There is one area of her strangeness that really irks Eric to no end. Betty is not allowed on furniture, the dogs have cozy orthopedic beds. Anyway, Betty is dead set on sleeping in whatever location looks the most comfortable to her at a given moment. She is sneaky about it too! She will quietly peer around corners, waiting for us (really just Eric)  to let down our guard. Then she will tip toe, basset style, onto a bed or the couch and fall asleep, or maybe fake it, in record time. If you scold her or try and command her down she feigns hearing loss. If you try to force her off she will give full dead weight. Or sometimes she will go from eyes closed to a full run out of the room. It's weird. She's weird.

Eric tries to make sense of her behavior, to train her. I watch their battle with bemused indifference. Eric trying to train the untrainable, and not very bright, Betty. The obstinate basset standing her ground.

This morning she took shelter in the overturned tent in which the girls had been playing. That is her look, the one that shows she is determined to be there, that she will give full dead weight if you try and move her.

Anyway, there will be no resolution, this is just how things are...

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affectioknit said...

...we're dog people and like you find some of their behavior unfathomable...but they do not nearly approach cats for weird behavior...haha!

~Have a lovely day!

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