Saturday, May 27, 2017

Daughter of the Sea

Cordelia takes art classes and each week they learn about an artist and try to emulate a piece or technique. This week they learned about Van Gogh and tried to make their own version of Starry Night.


Cordelia often goes a bit rogue and tries to do her own thing. This time she looked at the painting and thought the dark blue mountains were an ocean. So she started to make an ocean. Then her teacher told her to add swirls in the sky, but she misheard and thought that the teacher had said squirrels. Then she threw in a boat and an orca whale (later telling me that she didn't really know what an orca whale looks like) for good measure.

Finally she gave her painting a title, she liked the way the words, "Daughter of the Sea" sounded together. Anyway, here is her piece with a whale and flying squirrels.

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