Thursday, May 25, 2017

End of Preschool


We started our preschool journey half a decade ago. Elise had just been born. Cordelia was nearly 3 when she started. Over the years we have gotten to know the teachers and the community that is involved with the preschool. We have made enduring friendships and established long held routines. The teachers have been absolute treasures to our children, attending birthday parties on their time off, giving gifts, sending me photos of cute moments, and generally being involved.

After preschool each and every day we would walk upstairs to my father's office and visit with Susanne, the administrative assistant, before visiting my dad. My father had candy and weird games that he invented for the girls. They always looked forward to these visits.

Then yesterday it was over. Elise finished preschool and we had to say goodbye to this era in our lives. Of course we are excited about the journey to come, but this was a bittersweet goodbye. 

After school yesterday my mother joined us for a final sendoff (even though we will still regularly drop in to visit my dad). My father gave the girls a ride in a wheelchair, forcing my mom to join in.


Then I was pulled into the action for a wheelchair ride to the car.

My dad turns the weirdest things into fun games. It is one of his gifts.

We went out for lunch with my parents and had a cool afternoon. Then it was time for graduation.

My parents were there again! *Note Cordelia's dress that she and my mother made.

So were we, taking blurry photos. What you can't see is that on the other side Cordelia was grabbing at the phone...she is really into selfies right now.

We watched Elise graduate. The back ground is super Wyoming, but also because they read Charlotte's Web this spring.


When preschool teacher Kylie sang Let them be Little I cried. My dad and Cordelia laughed at me, but I still cried. I could cry right now as I think about it. They are little for such a short time. When we started this journey with Cordelia in preschool Elise was so tiny, could barely even hold her head up. And now she is just a couple of months shy from turning five! I can't even. I can't and I won't, but I must and I will. 

After they read off  the names of the class (who will graduate high school in 2030) they sang the song that they sang at the end of every preschool class day, Preschool is Over. Then I cried again.

We are so proud of this little clown and so very thankful that we get to be her parents and watch her grow through each new milestone, even if they break my heart a little.


Susan said...

Man alive! That kid is so adorable!

Clare said...

I remember crying at my youngest preschool picnic.. she's 16 now and I still well up thinking about it!!

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