Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I have been filled with garden joy lately. Since I have teo covered beds I started growing a bit earlier this year and things are really happening. I am not actually sure how much a covered bed will protect my babies, but so far so good! 

For my birthday Eric bought me an arbor. I had previously made arch out of three giant sticks and twine that had miraculously lasted for three years before falling victim to a windstorm. Instead of replacing with another shoddy stick arbor Eric purchased a metal beauty around which I planted some clematis. Eventually the plants will grow to cover the whole arbor. It is gonna be amazing. For now the baby clematis on either side is really growing, only about three feet high now.

I already have some basil growing, but it is still in need of tender care on especially cold nights. 

A friend also recently offered seeds for giant sunflowers. I took a bunch and now I have it all over. I think giant sunflowers are crazy beautiful and amazing! I can't want to see them grow taller than me!



All of these babies are growing like crazy in the covered beds.

I am so happy to spend a little time in the yard each day, marveling at nature and working to grow things for us to eat or just a feast for the eyes.

I hope your growing season if off to a beautiful start.

I also really hope this forecast is wrong. No more snow.

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