Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I see this family of deer pretty regularly. They hang out along this trail that I often walk. The first time I came upon them they took off running. They did that for a while. Eventually they just kinda treated me like the unpopular kid and allowed me to be near, but walked away like,"Oh, it's just her again. She tries too hard."

Then last night I came around a curve in the path and there they were. Their heads popped up from the soft green grasses they were nosing and their bodies tensed, ready to bolt. They looked at me and then went back to eating. I froze. I watched. I drew closer. They just kept on eating. 

Of course I have seen that infamous video of a deer attacking a hunter and I really didn't want to push my luck, they are wild animals. I don't want to encourage them to be comfortable around humans, or well any other human, I reeeeeaaaaally want them to like me. So I didn't push it. I stood there watching them for some time. 

I stopped taking photos after this one as I didn't want to scare them with my motion. One of them walked to within maybe five feet of me. I desperately wanted to approach and pet its velvety snout, but I restrained myself. Eventually I just slowly passed by as they watched me with little interest before returning to their dinner.

It was just magic.

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