Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Road Trip

Friday afternoon my mother got of from work early. We piled into my vehicle: my mom, Cordelia, Elise, and me at the wheel. We drove to the town in which my grandma, aunt, great aunt live. We have other family there too, but this is who we visited over the weekend. 

Pit stop at a pond in a very small Wyoming town.

We threw some rocks and then it was off to our hotel.

After checking in we went for a swim. The girls HAD to swim immediately.



Next it was dinner with my grandma and aunt.

Then off to bed.

 The next morning after more swimming and breakfast it was back over to see my aunt Tina and grandma Grace. We were also joined by my great aunt Michelle.

Since I don't have a sister I took the photo of all of the other sisters.

My mom and her sister.

We went out to lunch and did a little thrifting before heading home.

Hugging their great aunt Tina goodbye.

It was a short and sweet trip! Fun was had on the ladies only weekend!

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