Monday, May 8, 2017

Mud Pit

Friday afternoon I locked myself out of the house. The girls and I wanted to walk to the park. I didn't want to carry a purse or keys. I assumed I could lock up and get back in through the garage with our key code. Simple solution to the not wanting to carry keys or a purse.

We went to the park and the girls played for a bit. We didn't stay too terribly long as they were not wearing sunscreen. I wanted them to make some Vitamin D with a little sun exposure. When we were done at the park we headed home talking about the pink lemonade that sat in the refrigerator. We walked up the driveway and I entered the code. Nothing. Again and again, nothing. Ugh! This has happened a few times over the five years we have been here, whatever.

I called Eric and he said he would be home in an hour. No worries I thought, we can chillax in the backyard. So we did until Elise had to use the restroom, urgently. So we walked across the street to sheepishly ask our neighbors if she could use their bathroom. They kindly let her and then offered us raspberry tea and strawberries. The kids played in the backyard, the adults talked from the shade. Then we adults noticed that the hose with which they had been playing had created a mud pit of epic proportions. They had saturated a yet to be planted garden bed.


Things quickly escalated from there. I think we all realized that this was too awesome of a mud pit to be ignored. We let the kids go totally wild. I am not including photos of our neighbor friends as I didn't ask them, but I assure you that they were there and very muddy! 

This dress was long for sure, but the weight of the mud made it into something akin to a muddy mermaid tail.

They were filthy and I don't even feel like the photos do it justice. There was mud everywhere!

When they were done the children were hosed down. Eric was en route so we crossed back to our home. I gave them a serious cleansing which included the hose, a shower, and a bath. I still found twigs in Elise's hair later that night.

I was able to clean Cordelia's dress, but Elise's was a complete loss. It was totally worth it! The girls had so much fun! The mud served as a sunscreen for them, they took in some good microorganisms, and most importantly they played hard.

An unexpectedly magical afternoon! Thanks to good neighbors!!!

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affectioknit said...

That is so AWESOME that your neighbors let you have a mud pit in their yard...

~Have a lovely day!

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