Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hey, thanks for your patience yesterday! I had some blog trouble and couldn't upload photos and was only able to see some words! Anyway, I have resolved the issue...or at least I hope that I have! Let's continue on...

The weather in town has been so beautiful the past few days. We have spent a great deal of time outside. The girls are helping in the garden, we are playing, exploring, walking, hammocking. Life is pretty sweet these days.

Working in the garden! Look at how green and alive everything is! Like balm for the soul after a looong and windy winter.
No, there was no special event yesterday. I just seem to have passed along my love for dresses to the girls. They wore these for a "hike," really just a leisurely stroll.
They found hundreds of butterflies and colorful moths along the trail.

The temperature was basically perfect. The air was fragrant.

The sun shone down on us.

Life is good.

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