Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Parenting is Hard!

Some days parenthood is extra challenging! It can feel like everything we try fails, like bad moods are contagious, that phases will never end, that we are somehow doing exactly the wrong things. Other days are so easy and magical that I can hardly even remember what a difficult day is like. Most days are a mixture of the two extremes.

Yesterday was a challenging day as a parent. There were some really fun moments, but there were also a few hard moments for Eric and I to weigh in on. How do we best help or children to grow? Are we helping them to be independent or are we pushing too hard? Are we doing it right? What is the best response to a given situation? Should we be consistent or is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome insane?! 

If you are a parent...or probably just a human with human relationships...you know what I am talking about. 

There is really no right answer. Well I guess there is, just to love...and we have no shortage of that.  We have no end to love or forgiveness and that is what we want our girls to know, that no matter what challenges they face or present that we will be here trying our hardest to figure things out.

So last night as I checked on each sleeping girl one last time before I went to bed I allowed myself a little break. I listened to their even breathing. I looked at their smalls forms under heavy blankets made by loved ones. I heard the hum of the heater keeping them warm. They are ok, they are gonna be ok. We are doing it to the best of our ability and I let it go. 

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