Friday, May 19, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 5. 19. 17

Hello and happy Friday!

Last Friday we took an awesome all lady mini-vacation and went to visit family.

We hung out at my grandma's house. My mom prepared a vegan meal!

 There were a great many snuggles.

There was pool time.

And sisters galore.

And more snuggles.

It was a fun trip!

Sunday we had a Mother's Day picnic before I went home and worked for a few hours.

Monday was the preschool's annual Teddy Bear Picnic. Cordelia brought her dog Fluff and Elise brought Iceberg.


Ha ha ha!

Chair ride while they visit my dad at work.

Daily drawing.

Sewing with her grandma.

Daily drawing.

Hope you are well and happy Friday.

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