Friday, May 12, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 5.12.17

Hey-oh! Friday!

Last Friday was the annual child well-check exam. Both girls are thriving and healthy, but they didn't inherit my tall genes; they are going to be petite like the women on Eric's side of the family. 

Waiting for the doctor. He said that he is happy any time he sees kids who aren't obese. I guess he sees a lot of that these days. That made me happy for girls, but so sad for unhealthy kids. Anyway, we have two healthy vegan girls. Elise got three shots, her kindergarten shots (???!!!!), and took them like a champ with no tears. She just needed a snuggle afterwards.

Studio time with my hubby! Our evenings often unfold in the studio.


One more time, the mud pit shots.

Elise and mud.

Muddy Cordelia.

Vegan breakfast of mini-muffin omelette (made with chickpea flour), hash browns, cantaloupe.

Walrus drawing.

Eric and Cordelia at the park.

More vegan food. BBQ seitan (homemade seitan and sauce) with broccoli and rice.

Daily drawing.

Daily drawing.

Elise, being Elise.

The girls and I walked to three parks in one afternoon.

Sweet girl is getting so big. She often will ask me if she seems more mature.


We have had absolutely perfect and beautiful weather this week!

Ignore my filthy window. I was creeping on these sweet sisters as they were eating and giggling in the hammock.

Evening walk.

Daily drawing.

Vegan sandwich.

Spontaneous haircuts!

For a couple of years we have been fixing the mullet that Elise was given by the worst hairdresser in the world. I think yesterday we have officially left the last traces of mullet on the salon floor.

Ahh! If you see my girls just act surprised about their hair and pretend I never spilled the beans here on the blog. 

My sweet girls. They are getting so big!

Happy Friday!

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