Friday, May 5, 2017

Phone Photo Friday: 5.5.17

Hello! I am writing you with a heart full of hope that winter is over. Spring is here gardening is happening. Sun is shining! 

A blurry photo I know, but it is still cute. This is Elise with my mom after her adorable recital (a full post on that tomorrow).

Ha ha ha! This is her personality. 

Daily drawing.

More drawing. All drawing all the time.

On Saturday we dropped the girls and dogs off for a weekend of grandparent fun. 

While my parents watched the girls we took a weekend pre-birthday trip to Laramie. We had such a lovely time. We went out to dinner, wandered through thrift stores and antique shops and spent time at our friends' Turkish rug show.

While in Laramie we spent time with our dear friends Gabby and Ozgur who were visiting from Istanbul. This is the only photo I thought to take, Eric writing names on the food leftover boxes...whatever.

We also stopped by the Wyoming Art Party headquarters. A great group of super active and activist artists!

Daily drawing.

 Lucy was really into the tissue paper from Eric's birthday presents.

Birthday bowling

Birthday lemon squares for my fella who hates sweets.

Cordelia sniffing the blooming lilac. We have been taking solo walks while Elise is at school as Cordelia is nearly done with second grade work so we have a little more free time in our day.

Momo, sweetest cat in the world.

Front yard play. I have no clue what they were doing, but they were having a good time!

Vegan eats: kale, tofu and peanut sauce.

Wagon walk. My mother won this wagon and kindly gave it to us and we have been making good use of it.

Cordelia and me last night.

All three of us on the art walk last night.

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Susan said...

I love phone photo Friday~

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